Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Aisy is 2

My little boy is now two..that was 2 weeks ago..sorry Aisy, my bad..mood malas nak mengupdate blog..tho I know this entry is a time flies..feels like yesterday (iye..sedikit exegerate di situ) I put up an entry on your first birtday..dah 2 tahun anak kecik Mama sorang ni..From just a tiny little boy like this...

You were only 2.5kg tiny...
you grew up to this bam bam boy..

and this cute little pie..

to this cheeky boy

and now you are already 2? macam tak percaya je...

Aisy can now understand simple instruction, dah bole harap le skit2..cakap..mmg sangat are just like your sister..belom 2 tahun mulut mmg tak renti2 bercakap..

I would say you are the most manja ones..of course le..Aisy sorang je yang berjaya full breastfeed dengan Mama! Yea..applause to both my mission accomplished! Alhamdulillah!

This time around..Mama tak prepare any special celebration for your. I am super duper malas nak arrange any bad..that special morning, you just had this for your breakfast..huhuhu

 Sian kat Aisy kan..tapi tak pe least we had a small family gathering the next weekend at maklong's house with an instant cake..< bad again>

but that doesn't mean that Mama and Ayah love you less..we love you more and more everyday..May you grow up as soleh khalifah..Always keep you and your kakak and abang in our prayers..and hope all of you will do the same too..everyday..

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