Thursday, 7 July 2011

4 main reasons people stay back after office hour

I remembered few years back, my first boss shared with us the reasons why people stay back after office hour and asked us which one suit us most? Lets see what they are:

1. To please their bosses
I guess memang ada org yang jenis cegini, I would say this people are really good actor..hahah..Ya la, purak purak buat keje lepas opis but in reality..of course not! Just for the sake to get credit from the bosses who believe in people who stay back are the perform ones..hmm..think about it..

2.  Poor time management
What I meant here is that, they did not fully utilise their office hour to complete their work, but rather spend so much time gossiping, bual2 kosong dan sewaktu in the end, keje tak siap, then realise oh my god my dateline is very2 near, so end up got to stay back..ramai tak yang cegini?

3.  Work overload
Well, cannot be denied some of us are overload with office work! Yes, especially when people see you as capable person, so most of the time they will let you do even supposed to be their work! Arggh..tensi tensi..but ada jugak yang mmg keje die banyak, because they love to do it, so this one kire not so bad la kan, because sendiri yang rela..:D

4. Take advantage of office's Internet connection
Ahaaa..what say you? Most of the offices I would say would block access to facebook or twitter during office hour, but unblock them after that..<well as for my company yes, this is the practise> So people decided to stay back to check on their facebook, twitter etc since there's no internet connection at home. Why bother to go the cyber cafe when you have access in office in front of you kan? Hmm..maybe now dah tak ramai stay back due to this reason, kan dah ada Unifi kat umah? Hik hik

So..which of the above describe you best? Me? ehehe..biarla rahsia..cewaaah..

To be honest, I seldom stay back now that I moved to new division. Unlike for the past 9 years, I would say 80% of the time I got to stay back..for the reasons of workload! Hihi..dedikasi was really tiring, and I remembered there are times (byk kali ok..) that I neglected my hubby and kids, but in return I did not get the recognition that I should have gotten. Life is not fair isn't it? Memang pun, only in thereafter you will be judged again..bersabarlah..

So for that reason, I decided I got to slow down and change my focus towards my family..they matter most to me more than anything else now..and Alhamdulillah..after a lot of prayers, asking for Allah's guidance, am here at the new division..which does not require me to stay back most of the time. Once in a while, yea I do stay back for datelines. Other than that, if they are not so urgent, I would just do my work at home..

Life have got to be balance you see..not just between office and at home, but also to see from the perspective of dunia and akhirat. I'm jotting down here as a reminder to myself..

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