Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Wanita Malaysia di tangga ke-16 paling tertekan

This is the topic discussed in HotFM morning crew yesterday morning..based on the survey done by AC Nielsen.. macam2 pendapat pendengar ..unfortunately tak ingat satu pun..sbb dok asyik pejam celik pejam celik dlm keta..ngantokkss..hihih..

So tangga ke 16? Top 20 tu..The next questions..what causes the stress level for us the Malaysian lady? It was not reported guess, maybe due to two punch cards that we ladies hold at the office from 9 to 5, punch that out and then punch in plak at home kan? Two different work scope that we have to for work at home mom, they got to wear both caps 24 hours a day..both are very2 challenging on its own way..

Well, itu sume satu ujian tuk kite org pompuan kan? If we are patience..insya-Allah ganjaran besar akan menanti I jot down here before, zikrullah is the best's either kite percaya atau tidak dengan ganjaran Allah tu..I guess we women easily dpt stress because we didn't follow the simple remedy given by Rasullallah...kalau la kite yakin and amalkan..I guess mungkin akan kurang stress2 ni..wallahualam..I'm reminding myself actually..utk byk2 bersabar bersabar..mmg easy said than done..but I got to try and I know I have not tried enough...

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