Thursday, 30 June 2011

Tips to Increase Milk Supply during Ramadhan

Now is already end of Rejab and Syabaan is approaching which means we have just another month before Ramadhan..I understand it very2 much if you working mommy out there worry your milk supply will drop..some more people around you start telling you they experience such and eventually they stop breastfeeding since then..sounds familiar? Ya..I faced that last year and I understand that very2 much. My advise..don't listen to them..because I didn't! And because..I have gone through last Ramadhan with my milk supply maintain as normally as other months. And infact some of the days I got more!

How did I do it? I gladly share with you the following tips, not so much into increasing the milk supply, but for me enough if could maintain the same here goes:

1. Drink lots and lots of water
Yes, this is very2 important, even if it's not Ramadhan time isn't it? What more when it is fasting month, so you got to be discipline enough to get enough fluid for a day. How? Easy! drink during nite time constantly from the time you break your fast till the next morning during sahur..what I did, each time my baby woke up for milk, I would take that opportunity to drink. So before you go to bed, make sure you have a tumbler full of plain water eh..put them nearest you can reach, so you can grab them with one eye closed..:P

2.  Eat dates
I so believe in dates' nutrition..more over, breaking your fast with dates is 'sunat' right? So eat more than one..3, 5 or 7 at a time as long as they are in odd numbers...up to you..same goes during them as well. Will give you not just the energy, you'll find your milk supply maintain as it is or sometimes even more..and they are more concentrated. Try them! I ate a lot of kurma previous fasting month, and Alhamdulillah..milk supply maintained..and as I mentioned, sometimes more!

3. Continue same pumping session
Indeed, this is the ensure that you have enough simulation for the milk production. As you all know, the amount of milk is directly proportional to the frequency of simulation. So, continues to same pattern of pumping session. Insya-Allah with all the nutrition from the dates + enough water supply you will get the same amount of milk even during Ramadhan

4. Take supplement
Taking supplement will help you a lot during fasting month. I initially took this to ensure that my milk supply is nutritious for my baby, due to my 'not so healthy' eating habit..hehe..and of course because I was so 'lembik', always fatigue after office hours. Some more, I need extra energy to take care of my house chores during maidless time..heheh. I belive taking this also have help me a lot during last Ramadhan..and Alhamdulillah milk supply was sufficience for my baby..So mommies, why not you try this..Shaklee breastfeeding set consist of Vitalea, Vita-C, Alfalfa and B-Complex. Those are the only one I took until's made of natural not to worry about those chemical junks in your body! So far I'm doing great and alhamdulillah still full breasfeed my baby until now! It's been 14 months already! Waa..the greatest record so far..oh by the way, you can get more info from this website. If you decided to make a purchase..please mention my name yaaa..redirecting to this blog will also do..hihihi..

and finally (save the best for last) which is most importantly

5. Be positive and always focus and doa to Allah. Always believe that Allah will help you after all your effort! Ignore those negative notes coming from others!

If I can do can too! All the best!


Anonymous said...

I never usually leave comments on blogs but I really appreciate your advice sis, jazakillahu alf khayr!

asz said...

Glad if my advices help! :D