Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Seth Tan the Husband Idol

I'm sure most of you watch this serial drama Nora Elena adaptation from a novel Kasih Yang Suci..every Monday to Thursday 7.00pm at TV3. Well..I do watch them..but on 'part time' basis..hahah..Ye la..that time is the time I got to be in the kitchen, cooking dinner for the family what..

As usual..Mr Google helps a lot!

So what's so great about this movie that I must jot it down here? Of course because of the hero - Seth Tan which I believe now becomes "lelaki pujaan malaya" heheh..Well to's too good to be good to be true that this kind of guy really exist..To me..this is another fairytale..but at least this story brings colours in the drama industry..and perhaps the novels as well..

I read one of my sister's friend entry on this Seth Tan with the title "Seth Tan I jatuh hati dgn u" That makes me smile.:)..well well..I know if I were teenagers, I would dream for that kind of hero too..I can imagine how they scream in front if the tv especially on the flowers in the boot scene.... hahah.. teenagers..but those are the sweetest moment in ones life..isn't it?

Well, no harm in dreaming coz dreams could possibly be reality provided that it is accompanied by actions. But still again to me..this is just another fairytale..I don't believe there's a man with complete package loving, good looking, caring and sweet such as Seth Tan really exist. If there is, could be one in a million? err..too much, perhaps one in a thousand? What ever it is just accept the guys who is meant to be yours as he is..because Allah knows who's the best for

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CT said...

x tengok pun... lately x layan malay movie sbb rasa xdak quality as compared to bollywood...tho banyak nyanyi2 etc...value dlm tu lagi menarik contoh Patiala House, Superhero (where human masuk dlm toon's world..)...

p/s: yg benonye ikut je ape cik abg bukak...ngeh ngeh ngeh