Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Anger Management..

Hi all, as usual, while driving to work this morning, I listen to Ikim.FM motivation slot. Topic for today is about Anger..I notice each time they broadcasted a topic, it will very2 much related to me and my situation at that time..yes this time around,  I do need to listen to what the motivator got to say, cause I really2 need the encouragement to handle my anger towards my superior..heheh.
I decided to jot down here, so I would remember and hopefully will benefit you readers as well. I understand that anger is actually a gift from Allah, but you have got to manage it very2 well.  Why is it a gift? Because with fury, you will strive to maintain and protect things especially if it is yours or your family dignity. Thus, the feeling of angry, furious is a fitrah to us the makhluk..
Anger is like your stove..if the fire is too big, it will burnt you, but if it too slow, you becomes “dayus”. I quoted from the motivator words..What it means is that, if you pursue your fury too much, the anger will destroy you but if you just let go for example when it involves your dignity, then you are “dayus”. With that, there are two types of anger..
1.       Angry for big and important things which is considered as noble.
2.       Angry for small2 things – which are not important
Kind of agree with the motivator, that we mostly focus to be furious on small2 matter, especially when it involves personal matters. But when Islam dignity is at stake, most of the Muslim chooses not to be angry, but just stay put and do nothing to protect our religion. Ouch!..That goes to me too..
With that, I decided not to get angry today..I pray hard that I could control my feelings especially when I got to face my superior..just be professional..and know la, ladies tend to speak out their feelings..the logical part comes later..hehehe..Ya Allah please help me..I do hope for a better and good days ahead..amiin..

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