Saturday, 25 June 2011

Report Card Day

I guess most of the school were having their report card collection day yesterday..few colleagues of mine either were on leave or were on half day leave. Same goes to my daughter's school..Yesterday was kakak's report card collection day too..thank God this time around this mommy got the notice from the school earlier..otherwise, history may repeat itself guys must have read about it here..

The results? What do you guys think? heheh..well..biasa biasa aje..tak de la cemerlang, gemilang 3? I said..biasa biasa aje..I would say just average..but still for me Alhamdulillah..Prior to that, kakak already told us that she got no. 19 in class for sekolah kebangsaan. Little did I expect she would get no 7 for sekolah in average she is at no 14 in her class and overall standard 1 at no was a great improvement for her as compared to her first test results last March...Ooh..before I forget, she scores all A except for Seni - B so her average percentage is 96%. That's more important actually...I guess the time I invested to study with her has given a good return. Thank you Allah for giving me the chance to concentrate and focus on her during the exam week..Thank you Allah for this result..I am so greatful..tho it is biasa-biasa aje..

Can see or not? Carik la kalo bole..:P
What I cherished most yesterday at her school was the chance to get to know her best friends..the twins Auni & Auji, Amirah and Asyatul..I am so approved of her baru girlfriends dah cegini..later on when it comes to bf cemana? Very2 fussy la this mommy eh? heheh..glad to know that she has chosen them as thier friends..a good choice of friends indeed..

So proud of you kakak! Mama & Ayah love ya!

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