Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Our Daddies' Day!

This year is the first year hubby celebrated Daddy's day..well after being a father for 7 years already...hihi..sorry la yang, all this while didn't get any inspiration to celebrate..<alasan!>

So how did we celebrate our Father's day this year? We celebrated Father's day this year in our own way..I guess it means so much to Mr Hubby as he celebrated with his bestest friends eva..Mr N, Mr AJ & Mr AR. It was mommies surprise to daddies this time we got the ala2 (kind of) surprise last month for Mommies may read the story I jotted down here.

Well..he and his friends made few plans to have dinner at Jeram area, but it did not happen. So we Mommies used that as a reason to ask them out for dinner last weekend. Mrs AR have got to include her hubby in plan, otherwise we could not have the cake for daddies. So she told Mr AR that the cake was sopposed to be the surprise from me to Mr Hubby! Mr AR got the half surprise..wink!

Daddies's Day Cake! Ooopss..mind the spelling "Dadies". Supposed to be "Daddies" actually
We made our way from Mr N home around 5.30 pm, and reached there 15 minutes past 6 pm. So we had our early dinner at 7 pm. By the time we finished dinner, it was just nice for Maghrib we have ample time after that for cake cutting 'ceremony'..hehehe

Manage to capture the food only after we finished them..hhihihi..normal la kan

When cakes with 4 candles arrived, all daddies started questionning whose Birthday was it..hihi..they only knew the cake was meant for them after they read the writing on it..:D. So I would say our surprise work! we had the cake + teh 'O' panas after the cake cutting..terbaeek!

It was indeed a memorable ones..To you 4 daddies, TQ so much for being the bestest Dad to your kids! On behalf of Mommies and Kids - We love you so much for who you are!

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