Monday, 9 May 2011

Our Mommies' Day...

How was your mommies day celebration yesterday peeps? As for me, I would say this is the first time I ever celebrated mothers day celebration for myself as a mother..I mean celebrate in the sense of having a special occasion…after being a mother of 3 that is..better late than never eh?

By the way, what makes it more memorable is that I didn't just celebrate them with our nucleus family, but rather it was celebrated with 2 other great mommies, hubby’s good friends’ wifey which now become good friends of mine..:D

It came out as an impromptu actually. These friends came over to our house as a normal visit, after the last visit which was on last Sep to our little cottage. It’s been that long, so that’s the main reason they came over. Just prepared a simple menu for we had our tea with home made cucur udang after 6pm, decided to have a light dinner than. So we settled with fried mee and sate as main dish, supported with fruits and nuggets.

Suppose my hubby was the only one to buy sate for the guest, but then the other daddies insisted to tag along, so all daddies went out for sate, leaving mommies and kids at home. I guess that’s the time when daddies decided to buy a cake for mommies. Well, it came out as surprise to me.., but not other mommies. I understand later that the other mommies actually hinted daddies for cup cakes before they know la some daddies…got to give some injection, then only they can figure out what to do…

Mommies' Day Cake from Daddies..TQ Daddies!
As normal, kids are more excited to cut the cake..
By the way, a mommy is missing from this occasion, as she and family went back to her hometown. So daddies, this must be an annual event ya..perhaps a planned one next year..better still if there are more surprises..hahah..demanding mommies! Again thanks daddies for appreciating us mommies!

A good day indeed as kids were having fun playing, mommies have got space to chat, daddies as normal drown with their gadgets and not to forget, the maids got the opportunities to gossiping while tending the babies!

Oh on another notes, here are my conversation with my daughter yesterday:

Kakak: Mama, mai la sini kakak nak bisik
Mama: Apa die?
Kakak: Mama, bole tak esok kasi kakak seringgit ke sekolah?
Mama: Kakak nak buat ape?
Kakak: Kakak nak beli bunga tuk mama kat book store sekolah..

..oo present for mama, kakak buy but mama pay for it ek? it's the thoughts that count..thanks kakak!


CT said...

so sweet...x sangka korang leh close sampai mcm ni kan...bagus..:)

asz said...

tu la ct..easier to gather ngan hubby's friends rather than our girls' friend kan? hubby kan ada kuasa veto..

CT said...

ok la least, dokler die sensorang je lepak2 jumpe kawan.:)