Friday, 20 May 2011

RM 1 cent is back?

Saw my friends status this morning in FB on I search the web, see if it is out in the news..yes it is..or was it out in the night news yesterday oredi? hahah..obviously I didn't watch the la..busy with my cooking in the kitchen...

So folks, what do you think of this proposal for reintroduction of RM 1 cent in the market? To be honest, first thought that came to my mind..I just don't understand the rational..previously, it was claim that with the demolishment of 1 cent, is somehow contributes to saving..(am I right to understand such?), and now, the reasons is to help people due to increase in goods prices due to increase in sugar and petrol price..err..does it really helps?

Somehow, it is true, tho the value is small, but if you buy things in a bit volume, it does make a for us, the consumer, I don't think we would be buying up to 1000 unit of things at one time enjoy the difference of 1 cent x 1000 = RM 10? It may make a difference for wholesaler they are the ones who buy things in bulk.. I that naive to understand the rational of this 're-appearance' of 1 cents? What do you think peeps?

You may read the article from BH here

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