Tuesday, 31 May 2011

New Power Tariff effective 1 June

Hm..guess most of you heard of the news last nite on this..As consumers, we will have to pay 2.23 sen per kWh more electricity equivalent to 3354 cent per kWh effective tomorrow due to revision of gas prices for power sector..The news said that 74% of household will not be effected if the usage is less than 300kWh or RM 77 a month..

Are you included in this 74% group or otherwise? As for me, looking at my previos bill, obviously I'm not in this group..aiyark..first thing came across my mind - how to save the usage of electricity. I recall tinidewi used to put one entry on this..lets check it out over here

Image as usual from Google!

Read them? Besides that, I heard over the radio this morning, among other things that we could do to save the electricity

1. Avoid using air-conditionar - Thank God we only have on at home..but it's really difficult for us not to use them especially during hot season.

2. Off the switch of electrical appliances when not in used and also pull off the socket from the switch - Err..rarely do this..can start practise this one ya asz

My own version:

1. Switch off the lights and fan when not in used - got to remind my kids and maid cause they have this habit - always forget to switch off the lights especially after they leave the toilet

2. Plan the usage of waching machine - my washing machine works everyday, and most of the time the usage are not optimise since we separate kids clothes with ours. Of course the maid's ones are separated. May need to buy extra clothes for my maid so she can just wash hers once a week. Anyone has extra t-shirt to donate? Please do so..heheh

What else? If you have any other tips..please share yah!


CT said...

1. how much ur consumption?

2. if more than RM100, have u ever try any power save gadget?

3. maid size apa? got few shirts if nak..:)

asz said...

1. last month 200++
2. never - discuss with hubs this morning, but he's against it - kurang percaya..hahah
3. maid kurus but sgt2 tinggi mcm fida..size L boley kut?