Tuesday, 24 May 2011

World is the Assessment Platform…

 Understand the meaning of the title? I bet you those who still didn’t get translation is “Dunia ini pentas ujian…”

Yes, as a Muslim we all know this fact right? This is a temporary world for us..death is definite..akhirat is the eternal world that we should be targeting to live happily ever after for…Heaven should be our final destinations..

My hubby shared with me on Friday prayers khutbah last week that we should be clear of our destinations. As such we should choose the right path to get there. It’s like travelling, if you want to reach Johor, but then you get a ride on Perak’s bus, you will definitely not reach Johor for same with us, if our destinations is Jannah, then choose the right path, otherwise….I guess you know the answer..

The recent landslide incidents at the orphanage, amputation of a volunter at the scene and death news of 25th mommy who given birth are among the events that remind myself that all these are examples of test Allah put on us as makhluk. Test could come in two ways, either in the form of convenience or hardship. Hardship is easier to pass, but convenience..people tend to fail..why? because we always fail to remember Allah when we are at ease, when we are wealthy, when we succeed..right?
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Ustad told us during the ugama class, that when we are in hardship, it is actually the sign that Allah loves us. When Allah loves us, he put more test on us, make our life difficult all because Allah wants us to always remember Allah. Oppose to us, human..when we love someone, we tend to give everything to the one we love..very simple our kids, we tend to buy things that they want isn’t it? like PS3, handphones..laptop..didn’t we realize that they actually love those gadget more than us, when they spend more time with them as compared to the time they spend with us when there's no gadgets?
Aren’t we as parents want to give them the best they could have in this world? If your answer is yes, then give them the Islamic knowledge..we should be more worry of them not reaching the heaven rather than some other things in this world..
Am writing this, not to say that I’m really be honest I am not..I’m writing this as a reminder to myself..and hope this could benefit you as well..

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