Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Or simply known as teachers, are someone who not just teach us at school on academic matter but more than that..believe it or not, they are among those who influence our life very2 much..and career as a teacher is a very2 noble ones..especially if you teach how to recite Al-Quran..Ustazah is also a teacher right...masya-Allah they will gain 'pahala' as long as those who been taught practised them..makes me wonder why didn't I go for teacher as my career..hehe..I know..I'm not the patient type..a no..

Teachers' day brings my memory back to my primary school days..I remember, a teacher..I could not recall which one, asked us to come out with a poem in English about teachers. I misunderstood the explanation from the teachers on poem, that a poem has 4 verses. We are supposed to compose only one peom, but I understood that to 4 poems..hahaha..How do you expect I did it?

Of course I could not do it on my own..I was only in Standard vocab was still limited, and of course my English was not up to the standard that I could create a poem..(Err..even now my English is just so-so..hahah)..So I asked my mom to help me out..but my mom was not able to help me I cried! Hahaha..Yes I cried!

Looking at me like that, my mom finally got and idea. What we did, we actually asked our neighbour's son to help me out with the poem..Sungguh tak will do anything to help her daughter. Love you mom! You are the greatest!

To cut the story short, the poem becomes the best poem of all for my class..hahahah..I guess the teachers must have known, it was not originally come from this student of hers..hahah..I wonder what my teacher did with that poem..I didn't recall whether I still keep it. As far as I remember, it was a good one..of course la..the writer was a Form 5 students..hahah

Picture thanks to Mr Google!
By the way, hope it is still not to late to wish all teachers out there Happy Teachers Day! Heard from the news there are few new benefits that the government is offering to all teachers..A good news indeed..!

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