Saturday, 14 May 2011

From Allah We Came, to Allah we Return


Most of you must have heard or read from the news that Allahyarhammah Datin Orchid Abdullah passed away yesterday at Ampang Hospital. Al- Fatihah to Allahyarmah..

I chose to jot down it here because believe it or not, our path crossed last 12 years, only once. The first and the last.

It was all because my parents were not able to send me back to the hostel one of the weekends.  My room mate was kind enough to give me a ride back to hostel. Little did I know that her aunt is actually sending her back to the hostel..and so happened that her auntie was actually Allayarhammah..We didn't chat so much in her car, cause I was kind of  a reserved person..and of course a shy ones..hahah..yer right!

What makes me still remember the situation was because, on the way back to hostels, she got to drop by a wedding, to sing a few songs before she can send us back to hostel. Little did I know that the wedding is actually at my grandma's neighbour's house..what a small world..I got the chance to see my grandma for a while, while she was performing..

Those are the memories, flashing back to my mind when I heard about the news of her death..May Allah blessed her always..Al-Fatihah..

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