Monday, 2 May 2011

Floral Week

I would say last week was 'flower week' for our unit..could see quite a number of desk having a new pot of flowers including myself..well well I would say was greatly influenced with my colleagues eagerness on flowers ..what could I say, ladies are very synonym to flowers..

It’s all started off with the bazaar organized by our office building in conjunction to so called ‘pay day’ and ‘bonus week’.  There is one and only stall selling flowers, I would say the first of its kind here. Most of the time we could find stalls selling hijab, ladies & kids clothes and food which is very2 typical. I would say this one is unique for this time around. That explain the ‘flower fever’ spreading in our office floor..hehehe.
This fever does not stop on the ladies desk only ya peeps..we spread it up to our VP’s office – a guy of no, he didn’t buy no no..of course not..we bought  him a pot of flowers instead..don’t get him wrong ya…They are pretty aren't they?

Each and every one of us put our signature on stickers and stick them to the's a symbol of our support towards him..isn't it sweeeet? :D

For your info, the name of the flower is "Allium". As I interprated from wikipedia, it is sort of onion species but produces flowers..and most of the species have onion order and taste..Allium  in Latin means garlic..

Well see..gain new knowledge from this floral fever it's not just a normal flower obsession..:D

Oh by the way, this is mine..:D

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