Monday, 16 May 2011

Having maid vs Maidless

Been wanting to write about this after my entry on hiring full time maid, but I decided to hold that for a while. I need to find the right time for me to actually analyse and monitor progress of my maid until the time comes where I feel comfortable to discuss about this. Ye la, she is only with me for almost three months, so still early for me to judge and conclude the good or bad having maid.
That changed after I went to a ugama class 2 days ago. I decided that I am not going to list down the pros and cons of having maid..
The topic was actually on zikir. One of the points Ustad touched was that with zikrullah, ones shall be in peace and work burden will be at ease. Rasulullah SAW thought his daughter Fatimah to always zikir to Allah everytime before her sleep as this is better than having a khadim to help her with her house chores.

Ustad said that it is actually not wrong for us to have a maid to help us with the house chores, but it is wrong if we depend so much on her instead of depending to Allah. Because she is human, and she may leave you at any time. You know la kan, there’s so many run away maid cases in this country right? But Allah, will always be with us as long as we always remember Allah and always depend on Allah instead of other makhluk..
It makes me think back again and ask myself is it me that is not strong enough (because not always zikir to Allah) to handle the responsibility as a employee of my company, as a wife to my husband and a mother to my children that I need a maid to help me at home? Now that I have a helper, do I depend so much on her instead of Allah?
The questions made me realize that, I do not and never depend on her 100% to take care of my children while I’m away at work, but actually I dependent a lot to Allah..Alhamdulillah..Everyday, insya-Allah without fail, I will pray to Allah for the safety of my children, and that my maid will take care of my kids and love them as she loves her own children. Now that she is around, I have time to do some other things that I should have done every day like cooking meals for the family, spend time with kids on their homework..and the most that I appreciate very2 much is that now we have the opportunity for jemaah prayers for Maghrib & Isyak together and also Quran reciting session with the kids. I have always been my dreams that I would like to teach my kids on my own for reciting Al-Quran, and TQ Allah for giving me this opportunity..Alhamdulillah, Allah have shown me and ease mye way.. Syukran Ya Allah..Syukran..
What I’m trying to say here is that, it is not wrong to have someone else to help you out with your house chores. (We are not superwomen..but if you are capable of handling everything on your own with full dependant to Allah,  wow! that would be the greatest!) Most important is the intention of you having them to your family. As for me, my intention is for me to have more time spending with the kids, and not to forget my hubby who requires my attention and love. Having maid in the house doesn’t mean I have let go everything to her, but instead I could contribute more to the family..
No doubt having maid means you have additional responsibility towards her and may have more headache with her be honest, I faced that already on the first month when she arrived. I don’t want to mention it here..It also means you may have to spend more for her food and stuff (sometimes not always). But again, I always return back to Allah and ask for Allah guidance..if her existence in our little family is the best for us, then open her heart to work with sincere heart..otherwise show me the best way to send her home..That’s why it is important to set your ‘niat’ right, depends on Allah 100% and insya-Allah , Allah will ease your way..


CT said...

nice tazkirah...yup zikr can help a lot during house's proven..:)

Mayyonnizz said...

Yes..its so true akak..alwiz depend on Allah..No one amongst us makes her fortune; it is Allah who does so for us kan.. The first thing is niat.. tapi apa yang ayu percaya dari dulu..kalu kita treat org dengan matter who she/he is..boss ke maid ke... insyaalah..Dia akan treat kita denga baik jugak.Wallahullam.

insyaalah ayu doakan kesejahteraan untuk akak sekeluarga.Moga2 semuanay baik2 saja ok..take care!!

asz said...

Ayu, TQ sebab sudi jenguk blog akak ni..tak sangka Ayu sudi letakkan link blog ni kat blog Ayu..segan la plak..hihi..TQ jugak for doa Ayu tu, akak pun doakan yang terbaik tuk keluarga Ayu..Windu kat adik Nun..Al-Fatihah..