Wednesday, 25 May 2011

This Wednesday Morning..

This morning, I got to drive on my own since Mr Hubby is expecting that he's gonna be late, and my colleague whom always give me a ride home will not be available today..If I were to drive, I always choose to leave the house early, hoping to get free parking at the office, but rarely put such high hope coz normally even if I leave home at 7.00, the free parking is already full by the time I reach office around 7.45 am.

So today, I left home at 7.00, by the time I turn to the federal highway, I got a sms on my phone from hubby - "Your wallet is left at home". be feeling..normally I will easily get panic..of course la no money, how to pay the parking? my breakfast, my lunch? What if I got caught driving without license..Somehow this morning, I was like kind of redha..I pray to Allah to ease my way, as I believe Allah is giving such a simple test this morning. I leave it to Allah to determine my fate this morning..

Image - Thanks to Mr Google!

At the same time, I checked the money we left in car for tol purposes, alhamdulillah, got RM 1 notes x 7 = RM 7, just enough for me to park outside. So I decided not worth to turn back home. Even if the RM 7 parking is full, I still got extra coins in the car, another RM 1 would be sufficient to park next to Plaza Pantai..lunch? breakfast? No choice but to lend it from colleagues of mine..

So what happened? Alhamdulillah, got to park my car at the RM 7 parking. By the time I reached office, I told a colleage what happened, and so she lend me her money for today.. Alhamduillah..Thanks K. SHA for your kindness..only Allah can reciprocate your goodwill..:D


AppleCrux said...

Kalo ape2 contact le abg ipar mu..hehehe

CT said...

ayni, kite pun selalu face d same case..but org mmg put cash merata2..either dlm diary, lappy pockets, paskadnye holder....various..

so bila kes2 tertinggal purse, ada backup money...heheheheh

well agree...this is kind of test from Allah juga...same goes if pepagi anak dah buat hal..:)