Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Baby/Kids Studio Portrait..should I?

Never been to studio or outside for photo shoot for our family before..should I or shouldn't I..? At least for the kids tho..

A friend of mine used to tell me, that one day I will miss those days when the kids are still small..those cute little eyes, those sweet smiles with only two teeth and pony tails (for girls of course)..she was fortunate cause her husband is diligent enough to snap her kids photos especially on special whenever she misses her little kids since then, she got all the photos for her to journey down the memoryland again..

Considering myself as the non-nostalgic type, I never put a serious thought for this kind of session for my remembrance, as for me, there are other more important things in life rather than spending money for the photo shoot..hahah.....Most of you must have objection on this..but hey, there’s no right or wrong when it comes to what is your priority in life..

You must be wondering what makes me put some thoughts on this now..let me share with you why..It is because there’s mad deal of the day – only RM 47 for Baby/Kids Studio Portrait Package instead of RM 315. A great offer indeed! Now, I don’t mind spending for the photoshoot!

So folks, as they said, “That kid of yours ain't gonna stay cute forever ;)”. Hurry grab this opportunity! Click here for details of the package..


AppleCrux said...

Boleh cuba..sbb dok studio and child friendly..kalo outdoor cam kami hr tu, toksah la..

CT said...

Have a try dulu...then you'll get crazy like me..hahahaha

indoor much better for beginner... cuma hope the photographer can tolerate d time la...sat gi die suruh rush2 amik gambar...bebudak plak blom ada mood...x menjadik gak..

have fun!! n do share the pics ek..

once done...try la outdoor plak...