Thursday, 26 May 2011


Was blog walking and found out that this interesting topic..I never trusted MLM..dunno why since I first understand basically how it works, I just don't like the concept it operates..

My first understanding on basically how MLM works happened when I was still in primary school, when my parents were introduced by a relatives on this concept. If I remembered correctly, during that time they were already the stockist of the products, I couldn't remember exactly what they are. Of course we were pretty excited to become like them..well at least I was. That relatives of ours arranged a session, whereby a guy explained to my parents and I joined them on how MLM works..u know all the downliner and all.You what was the first thought came to my mind? Isn't this concept kind of abusing especially to the downliners? Those at the bottom got to work real hard to sell while those who are at the top simply enjoying the hard work of others? Ever since, I never trusted the concept of MLM..So that was how I made up my mind that I don't like MLM concept.

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Nevertheless, having such believes since then doesn't mean that I have never been involved in MLM, my husband and I did..we were both young, just married and were easily influenced by a friend to join MLM on a health products which were priced at RM 200++ per bottle. As normal, those upliners convinced us to invest more than five digits with sweet2 promises that they will do all the selling, while what we need to do is just to invest the money and find our downliners..As you can guess, the stocks stucked with us, and we never get our money back till obviously we were the victim of this business concept!

Lesson learnt! There's no such easy money in this world! It requires hard work to earn every penny..I'm sure some of you must have not agree with me on this..but if you earn from MLM by selling products more than finding downliners, that is not so bad laa..otherwise, I'm sorry, I couldn't agree with you..

There's so many other ways to invest rather than MLM..they are just not for no..

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