Thursday, 2 June 2011

Why is it Important for Husband to keep communicating with their Wife?

We normally go to and come back from office together..but recently, since hubby is busy with a project, which requires him to be at the office near our house, we got to take our separate ways. It's been a while and I notice we spend lesser time to communicate to each other..We rarely call each other during office hours, as both of us prefer not to be 'disturbed' when we are working..(focus keje la konon..hihihi)

I don't like it that way..I notice that there are things that I always missed to share with him..I plan to tell him but most of the time I tend to forget..It's just don't feel right....why is it so important for me to have ample time to speak to my hubby?

I found out those interesting fact of women vs men:

A wife is a Women:
  • Women focus revolve around human and feelings. Women value love, relationship, relationship and beauty
  • Women read novel and psychology books. They love watching romantic films and read entertainment magazines. They speak about themselves, family, feelings, fashion and beauty.
A husband is a Man:
  • Focus more to power, expertise, effectiveness and achievement
  • Men give focus to things, objects and item in order to achieve success and objective that wish to be accomplised. They read newspapers and journals. They listen to news, sport and stock market. They speaks about cars, computers, technology, currency, stock market, business, leader, war, politics and world development.

How is that have anything to do with the importance of a husband to make conversation with the wife? The answers that I found (of course through googling..eheh)

1.   Because, the wife is a woman. Women enjoy chatting, and they find it very necessary for them. They love when people listen to them.  When stressed, chit chatting can be very soothing as sharing their feelings with other could eliminate their worries. Due to that reasons, there’s no surprise when women could talk or cling to the phone for hours.
2.    Women require good listener not problem solver. They need to be with someone who in their opinion very caring ‘about’ and ‘for’ them. Their focus is more towards day to day incidents, people that they meet and most importantly ‘what they feel towards those people they met’.
3.   They want verbal attention which can make them feel loved. For them, as long as the attention and relationship is knotted, the love and bond is guaranteed. Marriage is uniting the fact of that of men and women. Difference in attitude, interest and tendency cannot be the excuse of not to effectively communicate with the spouse. Healthy relationship will guarantee happiness and achievement of the marriage objective. When communication between husband and wife is not effective, effective communication does not exist.

So the conclusions are:
1.    Effective communication with your spouse helps to maintain and strengthen your marriage
2.    Conversation is a medium to transfer or share information on what they want, how they feel and their thoughts about each other.
Hmm...interesting isn't it?

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