Saturday, 11 June 2011

A boring Saturday Nite

Yup, am bored and dunno what else to I blog..heheh..

It's Saturday nite, my baby is asleep and the rest of the family is watching the final soccer match between Kelantan and Terengganu. I'm just not a fan of this sport, tho I tried to understand the 'passion' of watching them few times, I just cannot accept it. And tonite, I just feel that I don't belong here..forced myself to join them, but at last I gave here I am jotting down my thots in this blog..I hope they don't mind..well fact is fact, am neither a Terengganuans (betoi ke ni..belasah je lah..hihi) nor the no spirit to support either ones..By the way, at this point I'm jotting down here, Kelantan is leading with 1-0. Doesn't matter what the results, it was already announced that tomorrow is public holiday for I wish this can be extended to KL as well so I got extra 1 day leave..hahah.

School holidays has come to the end, so normal routine will be back..and honestly very2 lazy to go back to work! How I wish, money comes to me without having to earn it...hahah..ridicolous eh?  Where got such, unless you work hard initially to a point that money will comes to you right?

Notes: A boring nite..thus a boring entry here..isn't it? hihi

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