Thursday, 23 June 2011

Water Shortage - Boarding School Memories..

Talking about the 48 hours water shortage since yesterday, there's friend who put in facebook her status "Teringat masa sekolah dulu..Nightmare". Heheh..I smiled..

Yup, indeed a nigtmare to us..Of all the time, that was the time which I hate most. Normally toilet at the hostels will be running out of water the earliest. So we got to scout around for water supply from block to block. So you could see girls walking with towels on their shoulders and a small pail with all the toiletries on the other hand..'merantau' for waters..hihi.

Me and roomate normally went to school block for water as our hostel was nearest to the classroom block. That reminds me of the scenario whereby our creative friends 'stole' the water from the science lab, using the 'paip getah'..hahahaha..see, that was how desperate we were..some others are smart enough to bathe at the sickbay..we got to become kiasu when that happened you see..heheh.. There are times when we got to 'angkut' air from the lorry with the water supply..hahah..horror! but eventually we survived!

Oh btw, heard over the radio this morning, that water supply will be back in stages starting this morning..Alhamdulillah!

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Matjoe said...

memang tension time xde air :(. it worst than xde letrik