Friday, 17 June 2011

Preparation for Ramadhan

This might sound too early to some of you, but for myself, this is I have never prepared myself properly for Ramadhan before. Lets put a new resolution this year shall we? And not to forget to always pray to Allah so we can meet this year Ramadhan..amiiin..(sgt2 takut hokey kalo tak sempat jumpa Ramadhan this year..).

Below are some of the suggestion I found from BKKI,NPC (Badan Kebajikan Kakitangan Islam, Perbadanan Produktiviti Negara) which I reword to my own understanding. Sound interesting to me on the self preparation..

1.  Preparation of Faith (Iman)
Pious people normally prepare themselves since Rejab and Syaaban and indeed they already missed Ramadhan since then. These are the months of 'warming up' before the actually face the Ramadhan. In Surah At-Taubah, Allah prohibited us from all the wrong doings since Rejab so that our faith (iman) is already increased since then..

2. Physical Preparation
We got ensure that we are fit to face Ramadhan, otherwise all the blessing from Allah during Ramadhan will not be possible for us to optimumly achieved. That's why Rasulallah and para sahabat train themselve physically and mentally through fasting, reciting Al-Quran and qiamulail since Rejab.

3. Property (Harta) Preparation
Please do not misunderstand ya, preparation here is not to get all ready for breaking fast purposes or for lebaran as per our tradition. But to redouble sedekah because Ramadhan is the month to increase this ibadah, as the reward is double.

4. Mind & Knowledge Preparation
To ensure that we optimise the month of Ramadhan, it is very important for us to have enough and the right perseption of Ramadhan. We may equipe ourselves with that by reading all types of reference material and attending majlis ilmu about Ramadhan.
Well, how many of us is preparing ourself for Ramadhan as compared to preparing for lebaran i.e tempah baju raya, which cookies to order, thots of changing the curtains etc?.Well, am asking myself this as for me...dush! baju raya dah siap tempah but haven't prepared as above..I guess it's still not too late as today is already 17 of Rejab..ouch..half month of Rejab is already passed!

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