Friday, 3 June 2011

Learn How to Give...not to Receive..

Those are the quotes coming from my big boss few weeks ago.. I intended to share about this last few weeks, but didn't have the idea how to elaborate. Somehow this morning, when I was driving while listening to radio on 'motivasi pagi', I understand what it means on Learn to Give More..rather than receive..

The motivator, (I didn't get his name) asked, why is it most of the time, when we always give, we will reach a point when we got tired of giving? You know why? Simply put, because as human, we tend to put expectation towards To the eye of the husband, his wife should serve the husband with coffe and snacks when he reached home, no matter how tired she is, even when she is also a woking return, as a wife, her expectation is the husband will understand that she's a working mom and hope that the husband will help her with the house chores..when this expectation is not met, then both will get tired of giving, as did not get in return what they expected..

So the best is, to put expectation to yourself not on others, so it will motivates you to be  a better person day by day. That indirectly put a target to yourself to achieve the objective to become a good khalifah Allah. We should be in hunger to get the return from Allah, not other makhluk...if we have that in mind, insya-Allah we will not feel tired of giving to others, as we know Allah will give the best return to us later on..

Hmm..I am still that far away in having such thinking and thoughts..

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