Monday, 13 June 2011

Visit to the Beach

Last Saturday, taking the opportunity while we were at hubby's hometown, we paid a visit to the beach. It can be considered as the family routine each time when all of hubby's siblings return to their hometown.This time around is Aisy first time to the beach! :D

When we first arrived, his reaction was - Excited! First time he saw the baeach, he made that sound which I translate as "ooh what's this nice place". So I told him, this is the beach. With that, I thot he would be much happier once I put him to the water..but then..this is what happened:

Yup, he cried alright..he cried and clung to me tight..the cry stops only when his feet didn't touch the sand and the water..He's just like his bro..afraid of the wave..they enjoy playing in the pool, but not the beach!

On his bro, tho this is not the first time, (lost count of how many of his visits to the beach), until today he is yet to overcome his fear of the wave. In fact his reaction was even worse than his baby bro.. My hubby and I tried our best to help him out..but to a point, we decied to just let go..

Kakak? Well, she's the most excellent since she was at her baby boy's age..never afraid of the wave and she was the one who had fun the most!

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