Monday, 18 July 2011

Azeem's Sport Day

Well, as I mentioned on my previous entry, I wanted to jot down on my son's first sports day..which we almost forgotten due to the death of my grandma..thank God I remembered..

Eventually before the sports day, as normal they practised a lot at school. There are times when Abang shyly demonstrated to me how he perform at the least time I expected it. Being the shy type he is..When I asked him what he practised and how he perform, most of the time he just ignore them..

Capturing the day's banner is a must..wajib la kan..? :D

The day we reached the hall where his sports day was held, I remembered I haven't psycho him last nite that he's going play not at his school surrounding..aiyark..I just knew we gonna face difficulties to get him to co-operate..

Just arrived out side the hall..still excited nak sports day..tgk le lepas ni cemana...

By the time we entered, he simply refused to line up with all his friends..jenuh mama & ayah memujuk..not to mention his teachers be honest, I almost give up..that really tested my patience tau..sabor aje lah..luckily the principle was very understanding..die minta saya saba..she understood my dissapointment..

Cemni la..dok lekat dekat dinding..ayah dgn saba memujuk..mama dah give up!

Mommy ni kononnya sporting, offered myself to line up with him..yes I did line up with him! Memang buang sume perasaan malu cause I didn't want him to miss his first ever experience..even this mommy jadi bidan terjun perform together with him for the first agenda of the sports day..aiyark!

Tgk tu..mama jugak tak pasal-pasal glamour!

End of the performance, I slowly left him without him realising..sembunyi belakang2 org so he didn't see me..and dlm kelam kabut for the first sports play, which was his, his teacher simply grab him and made him line up. Surprisingly, he just followed and he play once the whistle blowed! That was when I realised I should have just left him, though if that makes him cry..because once I no longer in the picture, he had no choice but to follow his teacher's come la tak ingat! Adeh!

As a result, his team won! Nasib baik! Kalo tak harus menangis one more round sbb nak hadiah.. Abg..abg..

Muka happy sebab menang!

After that, terus OK and lasak main lari2 sana sini..lambat betul nak warm up ek?

Sweating all over while waiting for prize giving ceremony
Finally, the prize! This is his no. 1 motivation actually cause kakak has 5 all together at home..

We are proud of you son! Nasib baik main..kalo dak..

So year make sure warm up a bit faster ye..otherwise you will miss your performance again..penat je practise beria kat umah..In fact his teacher mentioned he was really good at it. Mama plak yang terkilan nak tgk anak perform..ahaks..

Mama:  Abg tahun depan Abg main cemni lagi tau..tak takut pun kan?
Abg   :  (Angguk) Main kat sini lagi kan Mama?

Mama dalam hati..harus kena psycho earlier tahun depan if the venue changed!


linziana said...

salam me singgah sambil baca entry :)

asz said...

salam Lin..TQ sudi menyinggah..:D