Monday, 25 July 2011

Renew license in accordance to birth date

Heard about this on news over the radio last week, on the way back home..then it became Hot.FM morning topic the next ye..dah tertinggal ketapi..I know..but still I want to jot down here..hihii..

What do you guys think? I think it's a good idea..cause most of us easily remember our own birthday..but still there are some just forget about their birth date..we are human..we tend to forget..haha..alasan!

Let see, what I could recall on ideas given by those who called Hot FM that morning...I found some of them very2 interesting..and creative!

1. No need to renew licence for drivers having license more than 10 years..those less than that, got to renew every year, with consideration on merit demerit points based on traffic offence

Hmm..I kind of like this idea actually..cause I will fall under category > 10 years..ahaha..well..back to the topic, 10 years is a long duration, enough to make drivers to be acquainted with discipline on the road in order to ensure their licence is good for renewal...what do you think?

2. Introduce campaign for driving license renewal such those done for assessment tax, which is in month of Jan & Feb, as well as Jul & Aug..

If any month is chosen say May, then people will remember to renew their license provided that reminder is given like assessment tax is..this means additional cost to I guess JPJ won't buy this idea so much..renewal based on birth date is better than in this case

3. Auto renewal of driving licence - sort of auto debit to drivers' account

In this modern world, we so much love automation..this could be a good idea too..less hassle to the drivers..of course we would like that..but as for JPJ..there are risks of them not getting payment they are supposed to get..what if that driver's account is minimal? Think about that..

Aik..why out of sudden I'm thinking on behalf of JPJ ni? Like you work in JPJ asz..berangan!

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