Thursday, 14 July 2011

Quick Notes on my 3 Angels

I'm kind of in hurry actually..tomorrow got one dateline need to be got to utilise the office hour wisely..hihi (kes last minit le ni). Dalam dok kelam kabut ni, nak jugak update blog..apesal ek? Addicted?

Oh kata nak here some quick notes on my 3 angels before I lost track of them

1. Kakak's second fallen tooth on last Tuesday 12 of July 2011, the same as last one..naturally fall out from its place while eating tak dramatic..few weeks back kakak sakit gigi geraham..tgk2 dah berlubang, so now everyday this mama force her to brush her teeth before going to bed..hihihi and well, no ice cube pls kakak..really bad habit you know..

2. Abang's first sports day was Sunday, 10 July 2011. I intended to jot this down specifically later on..after my dateline that wait for my entry yah..

3. Aisy development..this morning once I opened the door before leaving to work, he rushingly walked out the door after me, took his shoes and threw them on the floor. I understood this as his way of asking me to put the shoes on..nak ikut mama pi keje le cute!

So that's all folks..dah kata quick note kan? Hihihi

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