Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Immunisation Day

Yesterday was Kakak's immunisation usual this mommy only knew about it yesterday during office hour..this time around, Kakak yg tak ingat hokey..Mama been asking her what she should bring along on Monday for school..well soklan standard la kan..indirect question in case her teacher asked her to inform the parents of anything..she totally forgot about it..

I got a phone call from hubby telling me that her teacher was asking for permission to proceed or otherwise since somehow I forgot to let hubby sign the permission section of her health book..U see this Mommy always got to fill in forms for the family cause according to daddy his writing looks not nice on the je tu..:P. So the signing part would be left for daddy..but somehow again this mommy forgot about it..hihi..terok kan saya ni? But ada hikmah juga terlupa bab ni..otherwise we might not know that Kakak got injection today..kalo kakak pun lupa nak kasitau lepas kena inject..hihi.

After I put down the phone and agreed to proceed, hati jadi tak tenteram..I was so worried that I have not got the chance to give her my full support as preparation for her to face the afraidness..normally I would talk to her and give her words and advise on what to expect for things that she had not faced before..rasa macam nak call Kakak and tell her not to be afraid and that she's a brave girl..mula la pk macam2 takut die nangis..hahah..terok la Mama ni it normal to feel this way?

Once I returned home, she was lying asleep in front of the TV..kesian plak..I asked her did she cried? And she I praise her..Good Girl..Kakak very brave..Kakak cakap "Kakak tak nangis mama..kalo nangis nanti malu..". Ohh..what a relief! This Mommy yg over protective kut kan? Tak percaya her daughter can face the situation even without her help..I wish she will still look for me in the future for anything that she got to go through..musti tak best kalo die tak rely n us anymore kan?

Kakak on her first day of school 2011

Note: Tetiba rasa windu kat Kakak...

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