Wednesday, 6 July 2011

10th Anniversary..

Our marriage anniversary? what? It's my tenth anniversary as an employee in this company..Very2 loyal indeed huh? Yup..being the loyal type, have not think about leaving this company as be honest, that has never cross my you got be agreed with the very2 loyal type huh? hihihi..

This company has done more than just giving me this permanent job..because of this company, I have been able to further my study until I got my degree! TQ so much! I got to admit that I do love this company..tho not everything is sweet here..hihihi...biasa la kan...

I guess it's too significant that I got to jot it down here, as my remembrance later on..Oh by the way, the 10th anniversary was actually on last 2 could I not remember to jot it down that soon eh? Hihii..Anyway, the thoughts that count right?

I remembered last 10 years, we were discussing the reasons why our company chose 2 July as the effective date of our employment..The speculation among us was because we would not be eligible for bonus the next year..we were supposed to complete at least 6 months to be eligible..hihii..well2 that was during our youngster time..I still dunno whether it is true..but one thing for sure..2 July 2001 was on Monday..:D

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