Thursday, 28 July 2011


This morning heard over Ikim.FM, motivation slot while driving to work..topic today is on "Syukur". The question asked was, are we the makhluk who always be thankful to Allah on all the nikmat given to us? How do we know whether we are or we are not always be thankful to Allah? The answer is simple..

Ask this question to yourself..<some simple example la>

1. Have I ever say TQ to my kids when she help me pour the water to the glass?
2. Have I ever say TQ to a person who hold the lift for you?
3. Have I ever say TQ to hubby when he help with the house chores?
4. Have I ever say TQ to kids when they behave well?
5. Have I ever say TQ to a person who help pick up things when they accidently fall from our hands?
6. Have I ever say TQ to my staffs when they help me with my work?
7. Have I ever say TQ to hubby when he drives me to office every day?

If most of your answer is YES, then you are most likely and can be easily be thankful to Allah for all that Allah has given us..but if most of the answer are NO, then it's difficult to say..if for this tiny miny  little things it's not easy for you to even say TQ, then it may be difficult for you to even see what are the gifst that Allah has given us FOC and to say TQ to Allah...this air, this world we are living, soil where we can plant tree which produce fruits we can eat..subhanallah..there are so much that Allah has given us..

How many times in our life have we perform sujud syukur as a symbol of our appreciation? How many of us thank Allah when we are in trouble? Think about it..

Note: This is note more to myself...

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