Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Is something that I'm really2 weak it at work or at home, I just have no patience. To me, it's still ok to have lack of patience when it comes to completing my work..haha..that shows sense of urgency..isn't it?..but it's really2 not good when I have no patience with my kids..:(

I found it really2 difficult to control my patience especially with my daughter..dunno why..maybe because we are very2 much alike..poor kakak..tho she's the eldest, she is actually the most manja one..even her teacher said so..pelik, hubby on the other hand, is less patience with our first son, but he's very2 patience indeed with kakak. So most of the time, he'll handle kakak, and me will handle abang.

This morning, I lost my patience again with her..:(. Mana taknye, almost every morning, weekdays mind you..she'll cry when we woke her took her 45 minutes to get ready for school, from taking her bath until completing subuh prayers and wearing her uniform.This morning, the bus driver, a makcik pot pet pot pet to her because she got to wait for kakak wearing her shoes less than a minute! Makcik ni pun satu!

However, alhamdulillah, I found it very2 easy to wake her up for Subuh prayer during the weekend. Alhamdulillah, guess this is more important isn't it? Benarlah, anak2 ini adalah ujian it or not asz, you got to be patient..plizz..remember what Ustaz told you, we are living in this world temporarily, sekejap je..kalo ada rezeki 50 years..tak lama..only in thereafter, you'll be living there forever..jadi bersabarlah..


Syigim said...

i slalu berdoa agak Allah sentiasa berikan patience for me with my boys. bila dah marah n cubit, br rasa bersalah sgt tgk muka diorang.

i blom lg ade pengalaman gerak anak bgn solat subuh. xtau la camne nanti :)

asz said...

hi syigim, itu la kite as mommy ni kena la byk2 berdoa supaya byk2 saba kan?