Monday, 4 July 2011

Peristiwa di McD

Last2 Saturday, we had our lunch at McD..that week, dunno why, was too lazy to cook, even when was weekend..maybe because I got bored with my own cooking..hahah..ooh how I miss my mom’s cooking very2 much! Ooopss, melalut sudah..that’s not the point I want to share here..

My intention is to jot down what happened in McD while we were having our lunch. For my little kiddo Aisy, the fries will do..oh by the way, we love McD fries especially when we shaked them with the bbq flavor! Nyum nyum! It’s all because of the MSG..not healthy..not healthy..but Aisy is save from those..he just had his original fries without the salt! Alamak..melalut lagik..hik hik hik

Oh..what happened? My little Aisy was eating his fries like this

Hihihi..dah kenyang, cegitu le gayanya..and then..

Eh eh..what were you doing son? I realized..he was staring to a little baby girl, also on the baby chair at the other side of the room..and then he gave that girl a boyish smile..
OooOooo…sudah pandai anak teruna mama ni ye..ngorat nampak..then I continued observing him..

Aik..berfikir plak..what were you thinking son? Hahaha

Haa..kan dah shy-shy cat tu..
Gotcha! Ngorat anak dara org lagik!

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