Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Satu penghijrahan...

Well, looks like my aim for another article before the contest close date does not come to reality..yeah yeah blame it on me with the same excuse I've been repeatedly use over and over again - busy & no time..lame excuse isn't it? Maybe a good reason is my priority? Got to settle some other more important errands other than sounds better to me..

By the way, it's OK..tho tak sempat, niat tu dah ada..kalo nak buat baik, niat pun dah dpt pahala kan? I give credit to myself coz I finally have the guts to write on my own blog after few years of considering it..Years tu..lama tak hingat! Thanks to Mommy Lyna for organising such a contest..I guess one of her aims to get new bloggers in the net come true..well, it works for me..I just need a strong push factor for me to kick off my own blog. I still can't figure out the 'theme' for this blog..thus would just write down anything that I feel like for the time being would be kind of carca marba kind of blog..:D.

I give myself a pat on my shoulder for taking this 'big' step in my life..yea yea may be to you ape la sgt setakat nak nulis blog iye dak? To me, this is a big step..but what's more important lesson I learn from myself is that I can move to the next step if I want to, it's the courage that I needed..this was what lacking and still am..but it's OK, kite langkah satu satu..:D..ini kire satu hijrah le jugak kan?

Talking about hijrah, thot of sharing with you guys..I met with Chef Ismail owner of famous Restoran Rebung near Bangsar last Tuesday.My team were having our farewell lunch for one of my colleagues who is leaving our company for good at his restaurant. At first tak perasan him, as his back was facing me..then I heard my colleague mentioned "Chef, cantik dahi you skang.." and immediately I thot to myself  "Amboi..pakai facial ape la Chef ni skang ek, dahi dah licin". Terok kan..prasangka tak baik kat org..mentang2 la dia celebrity Chef..At closer look..masya-Allah tanda kat dahi wonder my colleague put such a remark. Terus rasa malu n guilty for my thot just now..

Then Chef told us that he practised Solat Tahajud at around 3.30 to 4.00 am everyday as well as Solat Duha..and I remember he asked this.."I'm sure all of you perform your Solat Tahajud right?" Dush..satu penumbuk terkena kat batang hidung sendiri..malunye rasa sbb mmg tak penah buat..and I also remember he clearly mentioned this.."It works, yes it works" which I concluded that with this practice and his doa, Allah turunkan rezeki melimpah luah and that could be one of the reasons of his success in his business..Another notes that he shared, bila berdoa pada Allah untuk murahkan rezeki, don't just ask the rezeki for 'me' but to 'all of us'. Was about to share this with you, tak sangka plak Mommy Lyna pun tulis pasal ni kat blog die..Alhamdulillah, benarlah Allah akan turunkan hidayat kepada sesiapa saje yg dikendaki, tak kire celebrity ke tak..wallahualam..


AppleCrux said...

Pergh..terasa jugak..

CT said...

me too!!!!!

By d way ayni, blogging is another way to release our tension, x kisah dalam kerja ke, family ke etc...even if other ppl think our entry ntah long as kite x ngata org ke, aibkan org ke...

anyway, 100 claps for this entry especially kisah chef ismail tu....worth sharing..:)

keep on blogging...x dpt borak2 ngn awak, dapat baca thru blog pun dah cukup...:)