Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Happy Birthday Mama!

This is definitely a late entry for my beloved Mama..Last 28th Feb was Mama's birthday..this is a must jot down entry tho a bit delay because I guess this is the first time <I guess?..heheh> my sisters and I made a surprise for Mama..

Dah berumur cegini baru berjaya nak buat surprise..well ada factor penyumbang sebenornye..since this year si adik kecik sudah pun bekerja..ada la budget lebih skit nak kasi birthday present yang best2..kebetulan our auntie outstation to alang2 kitorg pun pesan tolong belikan hadiah yang sangat2 Mama idam2kan..dah few times actually Mama mentioned die teringin handbag Coach, last time our auntie went to US, terlepas peluang..this time around Mama sebut kitorg adik badik decide this is the best present for her! And indeed it is! Sampai mengalir air mata..because die tak expect langsung we bought her such..look at her..

Photo credit to adik kecik ku

Tho I was not there when my sisters gave her the still glad that she loved the gift very2 much..rasa sangat seronok dan lega when you can make your mother smile and happy..apalah sgt handbag tu nak dibandingkan dengan segala pengorbanan yang Mama dah lakukan pada kitorg adik badik..I adore her patience in raising us up..even until now, I still feel that I need her to be around especially during the hard times..and she never missed to be there when I needed her most..TQ Mama for being you, TQ so much for everything..I love you always!

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Mayyonnizz said...

bila baca rindunya kat mak..tempat jatuh lagikan dikenang inikan tempat menyusu....kan..:))