Thursday, 18 August 2011

Chit Chat with Kakak

One night, just after our solat prayers kakak suddenly asked me this question about aurat. I assume she must have just learnt it from school, but needs further explanation or perhaps some of my views in regards to women's aurat. So here goes our chit chatting..a simple one but I found it difficult to give her the most appropriate answer in the most appropriate way..

Kakak: Mama, kenapa budak-budak perempuan sekolah SS 20 dieorg tak pakai tudung pergi sekolah mama? Kan ke aurat perempuan semua kecuali muka dan tapak tangan? Cikgu dieorg tak marah ke mama?

To be honest, no immediate answer came from my mouth. I just didn't know how to answer this, because I didn't want her to look down on people who don't wear hijab..and on the other hand, I didn't want her to think that it is OK not to wear  hijab which implies that it is OK to choose whether or not to wear them even when Allah clearly stated that it is wajib.

I guess Allah must have given me some guidance, it just came out from my I answered like this..

Mama: Kakak, mungkin ada dua sebab orang tak pakai tudung. Satu, die belum belajar, so die tak tau..sebab tu die tak buat..macam kakak, kakak dah tau, so kakak pakai la kan? Kedua, orang tu mungkin dia dah belajar, tapi dia tak yakin dengan balasan Allah, jadi dia pilih tak mau pakai. Itu antara dia dengan Allah..biar la..

Well, until today I kept on thinking whether I have given her the most suitable and correct answer, because I know whatever came from me, will be kept deep inside her, because this is the time she started building her believes..thus, am so afraid if I had given her the wrong perception..what do you think? Is it Ok to answer her like this? What about you guys? What would be your answer if your children question you like this? Lets share your views yah..

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