Monday, 1 August 2011

Sogo Members Card Day

We were on leave last Friday, for a purpose to settle all raya shopping before this coming Ramadhan. Yes I know, we should be preparing more towards Ramadhan as I jotted down previously..should have planned what to do during Ramadhan isn’t it? Actually to me this is part of my preparation towards Ramadhan. Better settle all the raya2 thingy before Ramadhan so I would be free minded on all those things, and just focus on Ramadhan activities..insya-Allah..

So where did we go shopping? For us Sogo is just good enough to get all the kids wear and also ours..and for the first time ever, I joint the hassle of shopping during Sogo members card day, which last for only 2 you can imagine the crowd! Masya-Allah, ramai nye manusia! We reached Sogo half past , I went in first while hubby searched for parking. During that time, the basement parking was already full, so hubby went for alternative parking outside near Semua now you know how many people were up there already?

I had a shocked of mylife time seeing so many people at the kids gosh! I just didn’t know where to was really hard to make a move and couldn’t even find a basket to put in our shopping material. Hubby got to wait at the casher to get one!

By the time we finished with the kids clothes, including some for our nieces and nephews, it was about time for Jumaat I got to take the responsibility to queue for payment, while hubby perform his prayer. Guess hong long was the queue? I would say there were about 50 people in front of me! I remembered I started queuing around 12.45 pm. By the time I could see the counter, well since I didn’t see the counter when I first line up, the asst casher made an announcement that this counter is only for cash payment! Ya Allah! I’ve queued for one and half hour already!

Immediately crafted a plan B in my was already , hubby must have finished his prayer. So I called him reach him is another hassle you see. The network is really congested. I got to make few attempts until I got him. So I suggested him to cash out some money. Deep down in my heart I prayed hard to Allah..”Ya Allah please help me..I leave all this to you, and please make my hubby able to cash out money and reach me on time..ya Allah please help this servant of yours..”

Allah Maha Besar..Allah heard me! Yes Allah heard me..hubby arrived just in time before my turn to pay. Ya Allah..syukur ya Allah..syukur..! I kept on saying..syukran…syukran..

From there, we made a move for lunch, then hubby continued shopping his clothes while I went for Zohor prayer and also my pumping session. It was already by the time we queued for hubby’s clothes, so we decided that we should return home. Because, to line up for voucher would take another half an hour at least. again, I queued for the vouchers considering hubby got to face the traffic jam later on..waa..I deserve a medal for that day! All together I line up for 2 and half hours for the day. Not to mention the hours scouting around finding the clothes matches my taste! Hihi..ooh yes, I didn’t get the chance for my shopping, so we decided to make a come back the next day!

And yes we did! Lesson learnt, we got to reach the store before it was opened. Alhamdulillah, we manage to get the basement parking, and manage to end our day#2 shopping by . We were the first customer at the payment counter at kids department (yes, another round for our nephew’s clothes that we didn’t manage to grad on day #1). I finally got my shares, so did hubby for a second round! folks, that was my first ever shopping experience on Sogo Members Card Day! It was worth it! I learnt a lot from this experience, and I’m sure will come back next year! Hihi..the key reach the store before it is opened!

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