Wednesday, 16 November 2011

SRAI SS19 School Carnival 2011

Besides Abang's Anugerah Cemerlang nite, last weekend was also Kakak's School Carnival day which begins from Friday up to last Monday. Perhaps, this was the first time her school organised such event which I personally see as a good effort from the school to generate additional income. There were lots of activities, which I didn't bother to take note..hahah..tho I got the letter with all the itemised schedule for each day..sungguh anti sosial cik asz sorang ni..

Nevertheless, untuk tak menghampakan kakak, we brought her to school on Saturday since she insisted to join a colouring class and contest on that day. I would say kakak is the creative type, she love drawing, colouring and invent things from recyle material etc..I support her interest tho it means a lot of mess at I just to remind her to also clean and keep all her stuff once she's done with whatever activity she has in mind..

It was a session with Uncle Uneh..a good ones indeed..infact there was special appearance of Buzz mascot..understand it from TV2 kids' programme..<well..I didn't watch tv so much these days..mind my lack of awareness on tv shows..>

so here's the outcome..:D

Kakak looks not so happy with the results of her drawing and colouring..which to me is good enough for the first timer like her..she never been exposed to any art class before. I figure Kakak must have lost her confident that she decided not to join the colouring contest..which means the RM 5 we spent was donated to school just like that..<Allah bagi peluang buat amal..:) look at the bright side..> but it's OK kakak..for me your colouring is nice..believe in yourself..there's no right or wrong answer as far as art is concerned..keep that in your mind dear..we love you always..

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