Friday, 6 April 2012 journey so far

Been wanting to jot down here on my breasfeeding journey, but somehow sokmo takde since most of my pending works are done, and some more since today is Friday..I guess just got to find that mood to write...

Alhamdulillah, TQ Allah for giving me the courage to breastfeed my third until today..Alhamdulillah, Allah berikan keazaman untuk teruskan sampai ke hari ani..dan syukur sangat2 eventho hasil perahan dah sangat2 merudum..but I guess it is still good to know that Aisy is solely on his Mom's milk until today - he is at 23 months young..hujung bulan ni, insya-Allah cukup umur budak kecik ni 2 tahun..akhirnya target saya hampir2 tercapai..insya-Allah..since stock pun dah makin2 berkurang..which I hope will still be enough until end of this month, I guess I got to start intoducing him with formula milk..huk huk..and it will be end of my 24 months journey of expressing milk during office hours 5 days  a be honest that's really a relief! Hehehehe..terok betoi kan? But I will still breastfeed him directly as long as he wants to..

Teringat plak satu entry K.Roza pasal breasfeed ni..katanya susulah anak selagi dia mahu..akan sampai masanya bila mana dia tak lagi kita susui..kita akan missed those moments..I don't know whether I would experience that far with the other 2, tak pernah plak rasa..was that a sign I was not a good mom..:(. I wonder how it would really feels like..akan ada rasa kehilangan ke? Rasa rindu ke those sweet moments? Those tiny little hands holding caressing my stomach while feeding..<yup..itu mmg keje budak kecik tu..kalo feeding, musti nak usap2 perut mak die ni..tahu le perut ni buncit..:P>

The most important point here is that, am glad that I manage to follow the Almighty order as stated in Al-Quran now I understand how it is not easy to maintain the momentum to reach this far..Honestly, I got to admit it was not easy..that's why it was not successful for the first takes two to reach this far..oh my oh sure this is among the episodes that makes me become who I am now..TQ Allah for showing me the way..Alhamdulillah..if there's a will there's a way! So mommy's out's never too late to start full breasfeeding your kids..even if it means your third, your fourth or fifth ones..

Just for my remembrance..the stock for last 2  or 3 months..I guess..
TQ Allah for this gifts!


arLene said...

asz, nak tanya deep freezer u tuh brand apa eh? i'm currently 7 months pregnant with no.2. no. 1 bf until 1yo jer. itupun 5 months dah mula campur. azam nak cuba lebih lama with this kiddo.

asz said...

Insya-Allah..yg penting determinations! Go arlene! Oh by the way, deep freezer tu jenama Haier