Friday, 14 September 2012


September datang lagi..dah nak setengah bulan baru nak cakap..:P. well as normal, Sep is month full of important events..buka dengan our anniversary as per my last post, then Abah's birthday yesterday..Happy Belated Birthday Abah! Tak sempat nak buat entry..hihihi..and then next coming up would be osmet's birthday and then Alysa's birthday..kalau tahun lepas letih makan kek coklat..tahun ni tak tau nak letih ngan ape plak..heheh. At the very least, we missed the part makan kek tuk anniversary..selamaaaat...:D

And this year so happen there's a lot of family activities every weekend..of course la with conjunction to Raya, ada few open houses..nak plak masa ni la banyak plak majlis walimah. This weekend would be a gateaway with close friends to's been a while since we last manage to gather the whole 4 families for vacation. Last year we missed the boat to don't wanna miss this year's then..kesian kat kekawan..

Next weekend would be week to clean out the house..nak kena panggil cleaner..and maybe will have to do some small celebration with the family for Alysa's birthday. Budak sorang ni dok sibuk minta Mama dia buat goody bags for her friends..maklum la belum pernah sekali pun Mama die ni rajin nak buat..tahun ni masih ada rasa malas..tak plan satu hape pun..but I know she must be very dissapointed if I couldn't make Mama please ye..err..calling for Ucu and Maklong! Tolooong! Hik Hik..

Next next weekend will be going to Utara semenanjung plak for my sister in laws convo..then dengarnya macam nak singgah ke Langkawi dah alang2 dekat sana..syok jugak ni..

Memang sonok berjalan2 but doesn't it sound so tiring all the weekend is full?..I do feel that I need some "me" time..rasa macam nak duduk je atas katil for the whole day doing nothing..ape2 pun Syukur Alhamdulillah Allah gave us close family and good friends that fulfill our life..yang penting syukur! :D

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