Friday, 7 October 2011

Interesting Facts about Steve Job

This morning, while listening to my now favourite radio ikimfm, I came about this interesting fact about Steve Job..well may not sound interesting to you, but indeed it is interesting facts for me..but lets keep that best part for last eh..

Before that, would like to touch a bit about this unique guy..few facts that I came across few years ago on him..which I guess most of us knew about it..

1. He had never finished his shooling..but it's OK for a genius person like him..
2. He suffered from pancreas cancer - which is the cause of his death..

Don't have to mention what he had brought this world into..Now that he left this world, people start quoting his famous quotes..which I love them very2 much..

   " Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life.."

Very2 true indeed..our life in this temporary world is very2 short..the most we could live is 70+ years as compared to the life in thereafter..which is live our life with the purpose to achieve Allah blessing..not human..

Opps almost forget..the most interesting fact about Steve Job is..his biological father is actually a Syrian-American Muslim..:D.

Something to ponder..

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