Monday, 31 October 2011

The Newly Weds

Yesterday was my ex-staff thing is..I totally forgot about it! How could I? Should have marked them in my calendar..I thot I have done that but obviously I didn't. If it was not because of my friend called me to ask whether I'll be going to her wed or not, I would have not remembered them at all!

Thank you Allah for given us the time to speed to her be the last guest to arrive! Heheh..of course no more meals, all been packed up..but it was OK..As long as I got to meet her on her special day, should at least meant something for her..Just a simple 5 minutes wish, we were then off from the Pusat Komuniti Damansara..and of course no pic was taken..

As a pay back of my 'forgetness', I thought of jotting down her special day in this humble blog of mine.

To Zai & Hubs, Congratulations on your wedding..Pray that both of you will live your life together in happiness..remember there's always ups and down in marriage..follow the path in patience and with maturity..insya-Allah, Allah will always protect you guys from unpleasant things in this life. May your marriage remain until Jannah..insya-Allah..amiin

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