Monday, 9 January 2012

Going back to School..

Finally, school break ended, kids are back to schooling schedule once again..Mama pun dah back to work since last was the first day of school this year? Ooh..everything was going fine for the kids…except for this mommy..striving hard to accommodate everyone’s need. I took two days leave just to ensure that all the arrangement are in place..but it was not just the schooling arrangement that wear off all my energy, but the house errands that needs to be settled too..i.e. the leaking sink <yeah..they just know the right timing for us to look after them..:)>, laundry etc..

Kakak’s second year at far so good for these 2 does Abg..eventho Abg is attending a new kindy this time around, he settled down with the new environment quite fast I would say..or maybe it was just me who under estimated this child capability..Mommies..always exaggerate kan? I always think that he’s the shy type as compared to Kakak..and obviously Abg has proven me wrong! Bravo Abg! I guess I have made the right decision sending him to school since he was 4..

Here some picas Mama manage to capture for Abg. Not much but at least there some for Abg's remembrance.. As for Kakak, since Ayah was the one who sent her to school, no piccas..biasa la Daddies…ooopss..sorry Yang! :P

Mama 'skodeng' from outside. Abg was alone observing around..I just knew that's my boy's style..

Glancing a little bit to his can just resist the toys aren't you Abg?

Ok la..start mixing around already..but look at this sleepy2 head! Mama lost count how many yawns you had that morning..:P

Hope the kids are settling down to the school schedule this week..I knew Abg had a good time at he mentioned when I picked him up from school.."Best sangat la school ni Mama!" Glad that you love the school Abg..As for Kakak, she improved a lot especially in the morning when I woke her up. Less crying and drama! Big girl already aren't you? Please keep it up ya?

And also you two, please give me your co-operation at home ya kids since your daddy is always late nowadays until only Allah knows when. Grant me strength Ya Rabb to raise them as the amanah given to me..and please give me patience that I needed most..

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