Sunday, 10 April 2011

Hiring Full Time Maid Pt 2

As shared with you previously, we chose second method -  dealing with agent from overbroad. In our case, our maid is from neigbouring country Indon. So now, let see the steps that we gone through for hiring maids particularly from Indon ya...

1. First meeting with the agent, we spell out the maid's criteria that we are looking for and also agreed on the terms and conditions like the 'fees', payment method, the timeframe we could get a replacement in case the maid run away etc. In our case, concluded fees by end of the meeting - RM 3500 which is inclusive of the maid's 3 months salary

2. Second meeting with the agent upon availability of the maid, we were provided with the maid's medical report + passport photo + photocopy of passport, which means the agent already prepared the necessary at his side. During this time, we got to pay him the full amount we agreed in step 1 in cash. Yup, very risky got to be sure that this agent is really reliable based on his past records. In our case, alhamdulillah the agent is reliable based on his past good records..

3. With the information we had, we were able to fill in all the required forms from the immigration which we downloaded online here. You may refer to this immigration website to understand the details procedure too. Cost onvolved here is for stamping purposes which is around RM 20.

4.  Once all the forms are completed, we submitted them to Putrajaya Immigration. As precaution measure, we photocopied all the forms at the Immigration's cafe before they were submitted..I remember cost per page is 20 cents. I guess you may get cheaper you may want to photocopy the forms before heading to Immigration Putrajaya. Our cost here is around RM 5 I guess. Cannot recall the exact amount as they are not so significance..heheh

5. Within 3 working days time you may get the results whether your application is approved or otherwise. So we went to Putrajaya Immigration to collect the 'approval letter' after that timeframe, brought with us a banker's check. For your info, upon claiming the letter, you need to prepare a banker's check under the name of "Ketua Pengarah Imigresen Malaysia" amounting RM 430.

6. The letter was then given to the agent for him to proceed next processing with Malaysian Immigration in Indonesia for visa approval.

7. Once approval is received, the maid is now able to enter our country. In our case, our maid's entering point is at Port Klang.

8. Upon maid's arrival, we went to fetch her at Port Klang, brought with us the copy of the approval letter we got at step 5 + photocopy of my IC (as employer's name is mine) for the immigration at Port Klang's further actions. So it is very important of you to make a photocopy of the letter since step 5 yah..

9. Once the maid was here, we got to register her to FOMEMA before we could proceed for medical check up as she is first timer here. FOMEMA's office is at Pusat Bandar Damansara at block G. Cost here is RM 190.

10. With that we proceed to FOMEMA's registered clinic for our maid's medical check up. Results of the medical check up will be made available in 5 working days from the date medical check up is performed. You can check the results onilne here.

11. Lastly, after FOMEMA's result is out, we went to Putrajaya Immigration office again to collect the sticker.

You see, you need to settle everything from Step 9 to 11 in 1 month time..otherwise you will be pinnalised of RM 100. Don't take this lightly ya..That was exactly what happened to sharing this with you so you don't  repeat the same mistake like we did..

To conclude total cost incurred is:
Agent fee = RM 3500 + Stamping = RM 20 + Photocopy = RM 5 + Immigration fee = RM 430 +    Fomema fee = RM 190 equal to RM 4145

So guys, hope this info is useful to you especially those who decided to take the same method like us. Mind you, this is what we experienced, and may differ to your case depending on the agent that you deal with or in any circumstances.  However, you may use refer this as your guidelines. I highly recommend you to refer to Immigration website to fully understand the procedure and process.

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