Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Mastitis - My Experience Pt 2..

Sorry peeps for make you waiting..<hope you guys were...otherwise..perasan la asz ni!...hahah..> So the story continues here..

Similarly, second doc advised me not to feed my baby from the infected side..and so I adhere. Doc even advised me not to massage Miss B as she afraid that might be contagious and may spread to other area. I was prescribed with another 2 types of antibiotic, if I remember correctly one of them is Augmentin and get 3 days MC so I could rest and concentrate on emptying infected Miss B through pumping. And yup, the express milk was not kept as per doc advised. A week after that I was entirely free of mastitis, I was able to continue breastfeeding as normal.

The aftermath..? As expected, milk supply reduced tremendously from the affected Miss B until now. Used to get 5 – 6 oz per pumping session, but now I got to make do with 2 or  max 4 oz per session. But it’s OK.. my baby is almost 12 months now, so he’s not depending 100% on milk, as he is also taking homemade baby food now..:D. Have to keep on positive if I wish to continue breastfeeding..

To conclude what I learnt from this episode, which I only found out after healing from mastitis through googling:- (ya ya I should have googled earlier..:P)

1.   Mastitis may infect all nursing mommies, though mommies who has recently given birth is the most likely to be infected, they can also happen to other mommies at any time as long as they are breastfeeding – as in my case
2.   Mastitis may occur more than once, but it’s unlikely that you’ll get it in both side at the same time..- now that is a relieved!
3.   Most common causes of mastitis are
a.        irregular nursing or pumping schedules,
b.       a nipple that is cracked allowing bacteria to enter Miss B
c.       clogged duct that didn’t resolve
- in my case I guess initiated from irregular pumping schedule.hihihi
4.    Sign or symptoms of mastitis
a.       Redness of Miss B – got this
b.      Fever & chills – got this
c.       General feeling of weakness – errr..not sure..
5.    Treatment
a.    Soreness can be relieved by applying heat to increase circulation to the sore area and to speed its healing -  I did this using the modern ‘tungku’. Obviously my instinct can be trusted..hihi
b.    It also helps to massage the area starting behind the sore spot – hmm..this is opposed to doc’s advise..I followed my instinct b4 went to see the doc tho..again my instinct was right!
c.   Breastfeed often on the affected side. Breastfeeding improves the flow of blood to your breast, and the presence of your milk itself also helps to clear milk ducts of infection. Your baby will not be harmed by your milk when you have mastitis. Your baby has already been exposed to whatever caused the infection in the first place. – my case this is again oppose to my doc’s advise. But most of the website I came across about mastitis recommended to keep on nursing.Tthe fact that the baby will not be harmed make sense to mommies keep on breastfeeding ya!
d.   Rest. Getting extra sleep or relaxing with your feet up can help speed healing. Often a plugged duct or breast infection is the first sign that a mother is doing too much and becoming overly tired. – I had a good rest indeed..and ahaa..that sign applied to me..hahahah
e.   Wear a well-fitting supportive bra that is not too tight, since this can constrict milk ducts – couldn’t agree more..
f.    If you do not feel better within 24 hours of trying these steps, and you have a fever or your symptoms worsen, call your doctor. You may need an antibiotic. -  obviously got myself 4 types of antibiotics all together..thanks to your procrastination asz!
g.   Even if you need an antibiotic, continuing to breastfeed during treatment is best for both you and your baby. Most antibiotics will not affect your baby through your breast milk – only if I knew this earlier..


CT said...

most lactations advised to continue bfeeding need to wait until Miss B to sehat...tapi dah lepas kan..xpela..

asz said...

itu le pasal..heran jugak pesal 2 org doc yg kite jumpa tak kasi breastfeed..nyesal tak google awal2..heheh