Thursday, 14 April 2011

So Called Long Lost Hobby..

It's been a while since I last put my hands on cross stitch..kind of almost forgotten this hobby as the last one I did was during my "plant grapes" <read as direct BM translation..hihi> time. Yup, just to fulfill my so called free time, I kind of love doing cross stitch. To be honest, this is the only art work that I can consider myself good at. Others is a totally No No..Quoting from my mum : I have "hard hands" <read as direct BM translation ya folks>..hahah. I guess this is the only traits inherit from my mum as she's also good at crocheting..


Look at this..kind of proud of my own handcraft..Not bad huh? Thanks to my mum as she completed my project just recently with the now I proudly put them on my side board at my living...:D

I wish could find some time on cross stitch some of these days..Being a Mom, it's difficult to find time for myself to do what I want..guess that's what being mum is all about..maybe should squeeze some slot in no matter what..well like people said "when there's a will there's a way"

I find it difficult to get a good and nice design for cross stitch from the shops. Anyone of you know if there is any shops selling nice cross stitch design and kits at affordable price? Just want to know in case one day I got this craving to do cross stitch again..which I dunno when..heheh

I know, why not ask Mr Google on the design instead of buying them..well I did.. and it's even difficult to find a free but nice design from the web..hahaha Of course la kan? Where got nice and beautiful things now adays in this world for free..All must pay!


CT said...

ayni...why not try to venture on felt craft??? easy lo...just cut and jahit jelujur saja...if rajin, put on cross stich kat felt tu pun cantek....:)

asz said...

ct..tangan kayu..haha tak berani nak try felt craft..hihi