Monday, 18 April 2011

Tips to manage sadness or anger

What do you do when you are at range, feeling down and try to cool down peeps?

The title sounds like am good at handling my anger and sadness, which actually I'm not really good at. But hey, why not sharing  with you what I always practise when I feel like throwing out what's in my mind with all those 'vulgar' words to those who 'boil my blood' and makes me sad.. it could work as a reminder to myself as it really works for me tho....maybe could works for you too..

I found out this method co-incidently actually during my Uni years. I was so frustrated with a friend, feel so humiliated and so on by the way he/she treated me. So, I tried to find ways to express my feelings towards him/her, , in such a way that I wouldn't hurt him/her feelings. So what I did, I jot down all those words kept coming and talking in my mind in a piece of paper, everything that I would like him/her to know, how I hate the way he/she treated me, what he/she shouldn't do to me etc, everything until I satisfied and releived. Then I crumpled the paper and threw them out. I told myself, with that I would forget all his/her wrong doings and will start a new path with him/her from there on. And guess what, it feel so good, and if you ask me now what actually happened that time, I could hardly remember..Yes, I forget them all right..

Well, just got to know that this method is highly recommended by a professional motivator, I couldn't remember who from a radio station. Does it mean I was already a motivator since then? Aahaha..keep on dreaming asz!


brilliantbeeminded said...

macam citer ali setan la plak..yg 'asmida' dok conteng2x lepaskan marah yg amat sgt kat 'ali' sbb malukan dia bagi hadiah katak.. ;)

asz said...

Oo..yek? X ingat plak pasal cite Ali setan tu..series..