Thursday, 22 December 2011


There were chain of incidents happened since few months back that give significant impact to myself it is a must for me to jot down it here..

Hmm..dunno how to start..let me begins with this..

Since I first knew about Prof Kamil's blog, visiting his blog is a routine for me. I just don't wanna miss his inspiring..and it always touches my heart. During last hajj months, Prof always share with us readers on his guests who visited him and his family. It came to my surprise that one of my ex-division mate was one of his guests..subhanallah..what a small world.

What impressed me further is to the fact that this ex-colleage of mine, a guy was the least <I mean among those> person I would expected to perform hajj at this early years..well what could I say, I had kind of not good experience working with him during my early years in this company. Honestly I never like him..I label him as a person with sweet can just feel that whatever compliment coming from him is not sincere, it was just an act of courtesy and part of his job as sales person who wants to get a good support from a product person like me..

In the photo, he looked a bit different..I have to admit that he has a slap on my face! And that makes me realised that what Allah mentioned in Quran is true enough..Allah choose whoever He wants to be given His Hidayah..and what makes me decided to share this with you today is path crossed with this guy again yesterday..and masya-Allah..looking at his face and the words that came out from his mouth are the sign that he has really2 changed! Confirm!

I learnt a great thing --> Don't ever judge other people..only Allah knows what's in people's heart..don't ever feel that you are better than others..I told myself..look, he has moved further than you in this journey towards redha Allah..and I questioned myself..where is my position right now?  Insaf...

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