Monday, 26 September 2011

Happy Belated Birthday Kakak!

Dear Kakak,

Sorry for this late dedication entry for you..but I guess it is OK since we celebrated your birthday together last Saturday. I guess that is more meaningful that just this entry kan? And you are fortunate that Aunty L and Uncle AJ brought a big cake for which then became your so called birthday cake..:D. We didn't buy you one because Mama & Ayah had enough choclate cake for this month!

Mind the quality of this photo..this is the best shot we manage to capture. ehsan from Uncle AJ

Nevertheless, I still want to wish you Happy Belated Birthday Kakak! May you grow up become a solehah daughter to us and may you bring good example to both your little brothers..

One day, once you are big enough to understand about this blog, I hope you will spend time reading them and hopefully it will be your good reference for your future. Please understand despite the 'screaming' and 'chattering' at you, deep down I love you so much! I've and still am struggling to be your bestest mom..believe me!
I guess this would be the best time to just update some little progress on you..

1. You have wonderfully manage to fast for the whole month of Ramadhan! Congratsss Kakak. Keep it up to the next year and also years to come ya..
2. I'm proud of you more cause you didn't missed your prayers during Ramadhan as well! Sayang kakak! <oopss..actually you missed one prayer right..? :D>
3. Even more proud of you since you manage to continue your 5 times a day prayer until today! Though there are times you accidently missed it, unintentionally..but that is very2 minimal. Please remember ya matter where you are, no matter what you do please always perform your prayers..
4. A week before your birthday, you have agreed to sleep in your own room. Mama & Ayah bought you a new set of bedsheet + comforter as encouragement. We'll redesign your room later ya kakak..

Thank you so much for being a good girl and very understanding daughter especially when Mama is in difficult situation..I'll always pray for your success here and especially in there after..Always put Allah close your heart..remember that..


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