Thursday, 22 September 2011

Raya Celebration

Well well, it's almost end of Syawal but I still didn't manage to share with you all on my Raya celebration..of course got photos caputered for raya but too lazy too transfer them to this lappy of mine. Most of them are with En just let him keep them safe la ek..lagipun kind of segan nak share gambo sendiri..ihik..<shy shy cat gitu..>

By the way, this entry is actually to answer my good friend question that she post in her blog..iye cik CT, I was there..I saw you but you didn't see me..heheh..was in a rush actually, got some other appointment at 1.00 pm, so just passed by your table..jeling2 aje..dok sibuk menjamu selera, segan nak the way, got the chance to say Hi Hi to Ija and also I saw my bro in law too, duduk berdiri di ceruk pintu masuk sambil makan..again tak sempat nak say Hi-hi Bye-bye cause dah on the way nak balik.

What I missed most is the opportunity to capture those moment with our celebrity of the day our DBO..isk..

1 comment:

CT said...

ha lor...mmg x nampak bayang...jenuh dah pandang2 kut nampak awak...

DBO mmg artist tak hengat la that day...rasa kalo ada jemputan x pandang dah artist tu..sume pulun nak amik gambar ngn DBO je....